The Rii Series


The Rii Series is a set of modpacks for games in the Wii Series
created by "The Rii Series Team"'

The modpacks In the Rii Series include: (But are not limited to)
*White = Created by me*
*Red = In Development*
*Orange = Not being created by me*
*Blue = Available for Download*

- Rii Sports
- Wii Sports Resort: Storm Island
- Rii Play / Kaizo Tanks
- Wii Party: Deluxe Edition
- RiiMajor
- Rii Fit Plus
- Rii Chess
- Rii Play Motion
- Rii Fit U
- Rii Party U
- Rii Sports Club
- Super MaRiiO Galaxy

The Rii Series Team


If you would like to join the RiiSeries team and help develop modpacks 
or if you are familiar with PowerPC then please consider joining the discord!


In 2016, JimmyKaz got into modding Wii Games, He did a modded games stream on Twitch.
It was live for over 6 hours but nobody came. So he thought "Maybe Wii Games aren't popular enough right now".
His channel wasn't either at the time. So he developed "Wii Sports Resort: Storm Island" in 2017.
He thought it was a fun experience, So he still mods Wii and Wii U Games today. Which is where
he got the idea for "The Rii Series" a collection of modpacks in various Wii Games.

His Ultimate goal is to mod every Wii game. He is about 10% done.

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