Wii Sports Resort: Storm Island - Wii U Install Guide

Step 1 - Downloading the launcher

  1. 1. Insert your SD Card into your PC (It must be at least 1GB in size)
  1. 2. Download this zip file
  2. 3. Extract the Zip file and move everything inside of it to the root of your SD Card (boot.elf and the "wiiu"
  3. folder has to be on the root directory of your SD Card)

Step 2 - Loading the Launcher

  1. 1. Take your SD Card out of your PC and insert it into your Wii U

  2. 2. Go to the internet browser

  3. 3. Go to the website wiiuexploit.xyz on the Wii U Internet browser
  4. 4. Select "Run Homebrew Launcher"

  5. 5. You will need to wait a few seconds for the Homebrew Launcher to load
  1. 6. After it loads you should see 3 apps

Step 3 - Wuphax

  1. 1. When the Homebrew Launcher loads up select an app named "Wuphax"

  2. 2. Select "load"

  3. 3. Wait for the app to boot up

  4. 4. Press (A) to backup your Mii Channel

  5. 5. You will be returned to the Homebrew Launcher
  6. Use the (Home) button to exit to the system menu
  1. 6. Launch the Wii Menu

  2. 7. Launch the Wii Mode Mii Channel

  3. 8. If the exploit was successful, you will have entered the Hackmii Installer
  4. Read the scam warning, then press (1) to continue when prompted

  5. 9. Go through the prompts on screen to install the Homebrew Channel to The Wii Menu
  6. Go through the prompts to get back to the Wii Menu

  7. 10. If the exploit was successful, you will see the Homebrew Channel on the Wii Menu

  8. 11. Return to the Wii U Menu, Wait 5 seconds. then turn off your Wii U.

  9. 12. Wait 5 seconds, Turn the Wii U Back on, and then go to wiiuexploit.xyz In the Internet browser again

  10. 13. Run the Homebrew Launcher and wait for it to start.

  11. 14. Run Wuphax again. This time press the B Button.

  12. 15. After this finishes. Wait about 5 seconds and then turn off your Wii U and then insert your SD Card into your PC

Step 4 - Installing Storm Island

It's finally time to install Storm Island!

1. Go to the releases page and download the version that you want (5.0 and Higher is recommended)

2. After it finishes downloading, Unzip the File

3. You should see 3 folders. they should be named "apps", "riivolution", and "WSR"

4. Move all 3 of these folders to the root of your SD Card.


Step 5 - Loading Storm Island

1. Go into Wii Menu Mode
2. Put your SD Card into your Wii U
3. You should see a channel called "The Homebrew Channel". Launch it.

4. When it loads you should see an app named "riivolution" Launch it.
5. Insert your Wii Sports Resort Disc, Then wait about 20 seconds for riivolution to load. Then at the right side of the screen you should see an option that says "Install". Select it then exit the app.

6. You should see the riivolution channel installed on your Wii menu. Launch it.

You are now ready to play Wii Sports Resort: Storm Island!