First things first. You need to figure out which version of the game you have.

This pack was designed for Version 1.01 of the game.

If you have Version 1.0 then the bottom of the title screen will look like this.

Version 1.0

If you have Version 1.01 then the title screen will look like this.

Version 1.01

If you have Version 1.01 then skip to step 1.

If you have Version 1.0 then also skip to step 1.

If you already have the Homebrew Channel Installed then skip to Step 3.

STEP 1: Download

Download the pack. Chances are you have already completed this step.

STEP 2: Installing the Homebrew Channel

Watch this video and follow every step. This guy explains it to you better than I ever could.

STEP 3: Setting up the pack.

After the pack has finished downloading, unzip the files and you should see 3 folders. Select all 3 of them and move them to the root of your SD Card.

If you did everything right, The root of your SD Card should look like this.

If it ever asks you if you want to replace files then always say yes. It is very important that you do so. This is how it will work if the pack ever gets an update.

STEP 4 - Loading The Pack

1. Load the Wii Menu

2. Put your SD Card into your Wii

3. You should see The Homebrew Channel. Launch it.

4. When it loads you should see an app named "Riivolution" Launch it.

5. Insert your Wii Play Disc, Then wait about 20 seconds for Riivolution to load. Then at the right side of the screen you should see an option that says "Install". Select it then exit the app.

You should now see the Riivolution channel installed on your Wii menu. Launch it.

6. Select the options you want to play with. and then launch the game.


I really recommend that you don't use "Kaizo Everything" mode until you have played each game once and gotten a new high score in each one. as it could corrupt your savedata if you don't.

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