(Formerly known as the "RiiPlay Expansion Pack") is a modpack for Wii Play created by JimmyKaz and cyndifusic.

It was originally just going to be Kaizo Tanks! but JimmyKaz discovered how to use custom sound effects in minigames that store their sound effects in uneditable BRSAR files (BrawlCrate doesn't support older versions of BRSAR). So cyndifusic and JimmyKaz decided to make edits to every game adding new stuff and features.

Download: Download the pack here!

Wii Install Guide

Wii U Install Guide

Key Features

Find Mii Randomizer: This feature loads Custom Find Mii levels in the game. Seems normal right? Well... The levels have had their Objectives randomized. And some levels even implement the unused Zooming Feature in them. And some levels have the unused "Find the Insomniac" Objective. 

All Terrian Tanks!This feature loads custom levels for the Tanks! Minigame. To make things more interesting we have also edited the tank parameters and textures to make it snow themed.

Ultimate Kaizo Challenge: This feature makes every game Kaizo. It works the best on Tanks! Every time you want to update the scene press the plus button on the Wii Remote.

The Fitness Protection Program: Thought you were the best at Find Mii? Well this mode will determine if that is truly the case! This mode loads a debug feature in Find Mii that makes Find Mii even more challenging!



  • The Goldfish King, for creating extensive documentation on the formatting of Tanks game files, helping troubleshoot a large texture issue, and beta testing the pack

  • GibHaltmannKill, for creating Blitzkrieg Tools, a pack of Windows programs that help edit Tanks levels and level titles, and also for helping us troubleshoot issues with custom titles through his impressive Assembly knowledge
  • cyndifusic, Creating Kaizo Tanks and helping fix the Force v1.01 Patch
  • Kitlith, for creating the Find Mii Level Editor & Randomizer
  • JimmyKaz, for creating textures, A few of the songs, and for updating the code in the Randomizer Portion of the Find Mii Level Editor to fix any incompatibilities in-game
  • Neutrii101, Creating Missions 13-30 in All Terrain Tanks!

This pack couldn't have been possible without these people, so a big thank you goes out to every one of them.

Obviously, Wii Play is property of Nintendo.

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